Sport center and relax zone


The fitness center in SPA Hotel Tanne is equipped with professional fitness equipment, the brand of which is PRECOR, and it offers pleasant atmosphere, as there audio system installed and there are numerous mirrors on the walls.

The fitness equipment in SPA Hotel Tanne has special software installed on them, which reports the continuance of your exercise, your pulse rate and calories spent. Every client can set his own settings, having in mind his health condition, age, weight and the effect he is willing to achieve.

Swimming Pool

The indoor swimming pool is 9 meters long and 5 meters wide and its depth varies from 1.40 to 1.80 meters. The water is mineral and its temperature is 33 degrees Celsius, which makes it the hottest swimming pool in Bansko city. Around the swimming pool several deck chairs are placed to ensure your relaxation. In the summer months thеse deck chairs are placed in the English garden near the outdoors swimming pool, creating perfect conditions for sunbathing, while enjoying the beauty of the surrounding nature.

Outdoors Hot Swimming Pool

The outdoor hot swimming pool is 6 meters long, 3 meters wide and only 0.90 meters deep, which makes it suitable for children. The most interesting fact about this swimming pool is its temperature, which is 38 degrees Celsius.  Couple of extra facilities will make your relaxation complete and more precisely you can enjoy our hydro massage beds, hydrocannon and our hot tub. This is the ultimate combination for complete relaxation.

Russian Bath/ Russian Banya(Sauna)

The Russian Bath (Sauna) has few wooden benches and a heater that gets heated from burning wood. On the top of the heater are placed special, heat conducting stones, that hold the heat for long time and they are also suitable for pouring water onto them so you can create large amount of water steam.

As opposed to Finnish Sauna, the Russian Bath is not that hot, as people pour water onto the special stones, while in most saunas people pour water on themselves. Because of this, the Russian Bath has high level of containment of water steam, while the temperature is not more than 80 degrees Celsius.

Steam Room

The SPA center of the hotel has available a huge Steam room. It is a great way to “recharge your batteries”, to cleanse your system of toxins, boost your immune system and lose weight. Visiting the steam room also improves the oxygen supply to the different kinds of tissue, which positively effects the muscle tone and makes your skin more elastic. The hot steam also improves the blood flow, stimulates the proper work of the human heart and lungs, improves the exchange of substances in our bodies and overall improves the quality of our blood (increases the levels of hemoglobin, erythrocytes and leukocytes). Another positive effect the steam room has on our bodies is activating and improving the activity of glands with internal secretion and relieving pain. The temperature in this room is approximately 40 degrees Celsius.

Relax Room

There are couple of heated beds in the relax room. The beautifully decorated and colorful walls, also the soothing music makes you feel like you are in paradise.

Finnish Sauna

This sauna’s capacity is between 5 and 12 people. The time you spend in this sauna is not limited – the duration of the stay is clients’ decision, depending of the level of relaxation, toning and refreshment that the client is willing to achieve.

Low-temperature herb sauna

The temperature in this sauna is not more than 60 degrees Celsius and there are variety of herbal aromas that could be used, with the only aim to improve your experience.

Salt room with fog

The salt room is one of the most modern therapies among SPA and WELLNESS centers. Using modern technologies, this room creates a therapeutic microclimate, similar to the one in the salt caves, pine forests and seashores (Its walls are covered in salts).

Ice room

The cooling therapies are important part of the heating therapies. After the stay in the sauna, steam room or other heating therapies, it is obligatory to finish with cooling of the body, because without it the efficiency of the heat therapy sharply drops. The ice room is a modern way of cooling your body after heating therapies. An interesting fact about the ice room is that the ice we need to cool down never stops generating.